I was really surprised you guys liked my last tutorial  really!  But since you guys did (hopefully, I guess haha) I’d thought I’d share how I make shirt stencils too….and because my RP wife wanted to know how :D

Disclaimer - I am not saying this is the best way.  Really, it’s probably a horrible since I can barely tie my own shoes without help.  This is just how I find it easiest, but if you have a way to make it better, please tell me!






First things first, open TSRW.  And find some snacks in the hundred lightyears it takes to open up.

SWEET.  Click New Project.

Then click New Import. A screen should come up that asking you to find a mesh to modify, so click browse.  Find the mesh you want to add a stencil to.


After you’ve found your mesh and clicked next, a screen like above should show up.  If you read my last tutorial about tattoos, you should know to make sure the title is something different/unique or else it will overwrite another shirt ingame.  In this case, I’m using a shirt I extracted from one of augustosimsstudio’s dresses. Then click next.

WOW my TSRW isn’t fucked up for once. haha. So right now you’re seeing the shirt plain - no stencils. What you want to do in TSRW is scroll down until you see the Stencils tab.

Okay, now click the little plus mark under Stencil A to show the first space available for stencils. Right now it is disabled (you can see it says False for enabled), and it had a stencil on there simply because I had been editing this certain project earlier hahaha. Double click on the Texture for Stencil A.

Just ignore the stencil lord it was from another shirt hahaha BUT click on Export. If it doesn’t have a stencil, then just go into Photoshop and create a 1024x1024 canvas.

Open it in Photoshop SWEET. But wait - where do you know how it’s going to look on the shirt???? I’LL TELL YOU HOW.

Go back to TSRW for a second.  Find the Multiplier.

Export it, open it up in Photoshop, and copy and paste it ON TOP of the base stencil texture.

Now just paint the background/bottom layer black.  Now the front of the shirt is on the left, and that space is all you have to work with.  It may seem small (and it differs from shirt to shirt!) but you can make it fit :D

Now paste your design on top of the stencil texture. Busted Tee and Redbubble do some awesome designs that can be easily manipulated.

Okay, we want to get rid of the red. SO, go to Select>Color Range (THANKS 4 THIS TRICK I-LIKE-TEH-BUTTS).

Something like this comes up. Using the eye dropper, click on the red background of the design, then adjust the fuzziness until just the part you want to show up does.  This depends on your design as to what fuzziness you need, by the way!

Now when you press okay on the color range, just press delete.  It might take two clicks of delete to make the whole background go away.  NOW WE HAVE OUR DESIGN SWEET.

We have to place it on the shirt now - so press Ctrl-T, or free transform. 

Now start to place it on the shirt as much as you can.  Don’t worry if it gets a bit fuzzy - we can fix that at the end.

Pro-tip - boobiess distort stuff. SO in order to sort of get around that, when in free transform mode, go to the toolbar thingie and find that thing I have in the picture next to the apply and cancel.  I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S CALLED BUT IT DOES STUFF.

Now you sort of have to think about how boobies distort shirts - using that tool thing, move the top left and right corners up and out, move the middle in, and flare the bottom left and right corners out.  That should do!

BUT IT’S SO FUZZY. We can fix that!  Go to Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask.  Play around until you get the desired sharpness!

Now, we’re almost done! Sort of!  Go ahead and delete the layer with the shirt Multiplier on it.

Now click the little transparent box icon when you are in the DESIGN layer. Paint that layer white, merge down with the background layer (which should be completely black).

Now you should have something like this.  Hopefully. haha.  Now Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C (select all, copy).  

Then Ctrl-Z until you are back to having the colored design and the black background on separate layers, if that makes any sense. 

Switch over to the channels tab

Go to the Alpha channel, and paste (ctrl-v)! SWEET LOOK HOW COOL IT LOOKS.

Go back to layer tab, and flatten the image! Now time to save!

Make sure to save as a .DDS. Also make sure the alpha channel box is ticked, and when this box comes up (yours might be a bit different than mine), save it as an interpolated or explicit alpha.  I don’t know which one is really better honestly haha.

Now back to TSRW, go to the Stencil A, double click the Texture, and press Import.  Find the .DDS of the stencil you just made!

If this comes up, just press yes. hahhrhar.

AW HOW CUTE.  Not really. Something about stencils you should know - light colored stencils look better with darker colors, dark stencils look better with lighter colors.  SO, let’s change the actual shirt to a nice OXBLOOD.

Find the pattern, change it to whatever you want.  LOOK HOW FESTIVE THIS IS.

Now say you want a shirt to have more than one stencil - go to the top dropdown box, click the shirt name under the one you were just editing.

Now the process is the same, except instead of editing Stencil A, you’re editing Stencil B.  That also means A should be disabled and B should be enabled.

RYAN GOOSELING.  Do that for all the shirts you want to show up!

Say you only want three shirts to show up in CAS.  Click on the dropdown for the shirt you don’t want, and then clicking the dropdown thing next to the A letter, press delete.

When you’re pleased with what you got, press Edit>Project Contents.

Export>to .package.  Save it with the name you want, and place a copy into your game!




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